Camp Overview


To Come Learn All About Horses!

The Riding Academy offers both, the perfect introduction to horseback riding in a safe, positive and encouraging environment, and a challenging progression for experienced riders, and everything in between. Each camper is assigned a gentle horse or pony of their own for the week and a more experienced helper to assist them every day. Barn safety rules are reviewed with a strict policy of kindness and respect for each other and the animals.

Every child comes to camp with an individual level of comfort and is allowed to progress at their own speed. We start off learning to correctly approach, halter, lead, tie and groom the horse to develop a relationship. As the camper progresses to riding, we believe the rider should have control of their own body before they can control the horse. Campers are longed in the round pen and led by their helpers, working on balance exercises, stretches, vaulting poses and games to build strength and confidence until they can walk and trot with no hands and no stirrups and “Earn Their Reins.”

Once they prove they have control of their bodies, they are allowed to ride their horse, supervised but unassisted, in a slightly larger arena, learning to steer and navigate obstacle courses. Campers continue with more advanced riding in the big ring as they progress, with more exciting lessons like jumping and gymkhana games. Besides riding twice a day, campers enjoy non-mounted equestrian education including the parts of the horse, saddle and bridle. Feeding, cleaning stalls, breeds, colors and basic veterinary care. Crafts, games and nature hikes round out the day.

Horses provide an invaluable opportunity to teach and develop qualities like responsibility, compassion, communication, sportsmanship, and dedication, in a fun and exciting way. We are proud and honored to have had the chance to share this amazing experience with our community for over 34 years.